April is Poetry Month!!

We are celebrating at LCHS with the following activites. Don't forget to listen to the announcements for the daily "name that poem"

´╗┐Classroom Activities

1. Visualize It!
Draw what you see in E.E. Cummings poem "when faces called flowers float out of the ground"

2. Write: An Ode to Spring

3. Listen!
Visit Weekly Reader Below for Tips on How to Read a Poem

Robert Frost Poems http://robertfrostoutloud.com/

4. Read and Record
  • Pick a theme for your audio portfolio on Voice Thread
  • Locate at least 3 poems
  • Practice and record -one a week for the month of April in your voice thread
  • Check out the article first about Poetry Out Loud on the E-Issue of Weekly Reader's Poetry Now

Printable Poems

4. Explore Shakespeare!
No fear! We will learn about his life and his work and take some of the frustration out of reading (and understanding) Shakespeare!

More Resources

Weekly Reader Poetry Month Site

Poem Flow - add the App to your ipod!