What is a Fairy Tale?
A fairy tale is a make believe story written for children about
magic and enchantment.

Fairy Tales often include.

  • a nice character that is often mistreatedcastle-clip-art-15.jpg
  • wicked characters
  • magic and enchantment
  • royalty
  • a reward for goodness
  • special words or phrases particular to that tale
  • Opening: “Once Upon a Time..”
  • Closing: “Happily Ever After”

Example Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale Element
Example from Story
Kind character who is mistreated
Evil or wicked character
step-mother, step-sisters
Magic or enchantment
fairy godmother
the prince
Special words or phrases
“before the clock strikes 12”
glass slipper
Once Upon A Time
At the beginning
Happily Ever After
Cinderella married the prince

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