SOL Academy: Literacy


Course Description:
As an active participant in the SOL Academy: Literacy, students will discover the importance of self-advocacy for their learning needs. Students will be held accountable for maintaining a level of rigor that will increase their literacy as they explore thinking skills that apply to strategic reading, the writing process, as well as information literacy and 21st century learning skills. Through cooperative learning groups and small group instruction, we will “think
about thinking” and then apply these skills to our other courses or real world situations.

SOL Academy: Literacy IS a…..
  • real class :-) It is year long and you get an elective credit each semester.
  • skills class. We will become stronger readers, researchers and thinkers!
  • project based inquiry course to enhance Earth Science and World History I concepts. (2013-14)
  • going to force you to think, process, rethink, reprocess, and create!
  • FUN!
SOL Academy: Literacy IS NOT a...
  • [[#|study]] hall or class to get your homework done
  • place for make-up work for your other [[#|classes]]
  • Linked to your Earth Science or World I course (we are a class of our own using some of their topics)

Course Goals and SOLs: (see tag cloud above)
  • Actively participate in small-group learning activities
  • Self-monitor work habits to ensure successful completion of daily tasks
  • Independently practice and apply reading and writing strategies during daily classswork assignments
  • Orally communicate and/or present during small group literature discussions
  • Apply researched based [[#|reading strategies]] in a variety of literary selections
  • Develop and refine writing skills by actively participating in the writing process
  • Edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing
  • Critique professional and peer writing
  • Use writing to interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas
  • Collect, evaluate, organize, and present information

Materials Needed:
2 folders with pockets and brads
5 Subject Notebook
Loose Leaf Paper
Highlighter, Pencils, and Pens (blue or [[#|black ink]] only)
Agenda to keep track of assignments and due dates